Creative Exports & Imports is growing international trading organization, having office in Chennai, India. This proprietor firm was started with the idea to link the real potential manufactures and growers in remote parts of India and to get them their due share by selling them to the needy in various countries.

Creative Exports & Imports deals with numerous products, its management has got vast experience in the field of manufacturing and maintaining quality. Hence this profile helps the buyers and the sellers to deal with quality products that are in par with National and International standards. Some of the products it deals with is Spirulina, coco & coir products, handicrafts, play items, children play items, medical equipments including surgical items, physiotherapy equipments, spices, rice etc.

Indian subcontinent is blessed with fertile soil, abundant pure water, enormous sunlight, which is an ideal environment for naturally grown herbs in plains, hills and forests. Tropical climate in India is helpful in growing such herbs in these areas. Lot of herbs is identified by the local people from the ancient days to cure numerous diseases. The world can also be benefitted from this natural form of medicine.


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